Alias Production

A striking identity for a concerts production agency. Français

Since more than 20 years, Alias produces concerts and tours for artists with varying influences (From Agnes Obel to Marilyn Manson, including Blur and Asa).
The company wanted a new visual identity which could represent the diversity of the artists they represent while being adaptable to diverse communication mediums (press inserts, newsletters, poster…). They wished a stronger image and a more engaged position. To answer this demand, we enhanced the musical choices of Alias and the content of the songs of the artists represented.

Flyer Alias-Production

The identity that we have created for Alias, which is extremely modular, relies on a simple principle: the extract of a song is chosen and placed in a box. From this principle, we have established rules and developed tools so that Alias could be autonomous and able to adapt this identity on the different mediums they wish to use. Alias is free to define its image and convey different messages, from the somewhat frivolous to the more serious, through the choice of the lyrics.


Printed on thick paper, we apprehended flyers as postcards to be kept and collected. Through the choice of the artist and of the lyrics, they offer a variety of features with or without pictures, and in different color systems.

Flyers Alias-production

press inserts

Encart presse Alias-production
Encarts presse Alias-production


Newsletter Alias-Production
Newsletter Alias-Production


As Alias did not want to modify the logo completely, we have reworked the logo to transform it into a more frivolous element to be played with. In the same way as with stickers or fruit labels, it can be multiplied, inclined, moved, placed on top of each other, according to the medium chosen.

Logo Alias-production

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