Hi Fidelity

A modular visual identity for a live-events company. Français

modules Hi-Fidelity

From a cube to a podium, the constitutive modules of this identity are inspired by stage elements and illustrate some of the agency’s key characteristics such as roster uniqueness and the ascending nature of its young acts.

Rather than a fixed and immutable logo, the visual identity of Hi Fidelity is made up of a series of elements which can be added, rearranged and moved according to the media. This modular identity allows for communication to adapt with evolving needs, easily flowing from formal to dynamic situations. It is scalable in order to easily accompany Hi Fidelity in its development.

papeterie Hi-Fidelity business cards, letterhead and note cards - offset

business cards, letterhead and note cards - offset

Line thickness is allowed to vary across media types. From "light" lines on paper where elegance and finesse prevail, to "bold" on Facebook where impact is important in the midst of a loud visual environment.

tote bag Hi-Fidelity
stickers Hi-Fidelity
badges Hi-Fidelity

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