L’île des réunions (the island of meetings)

A methodology of collaborative meetings for an affirmative approach of uncertainty Français

The book L’île des réunions (The island of meetings) gathers ten stories and analysis of artistic and social situations that happened during the European Capital of Culture in Mons in 2015. These situations all deal with the act of reunion. Why do we gather? What is the aim of a meeting?
We worked in close collaboration with Les commissaires anonymes to think and design this book.

couverture île des réunions - ultragramme

We decided to make this book halfway between and adventure novel and a practical manual so the reader can read each experiment like a short story, then see a visual synthesis of necessary elements for this meeting to happen.

We designed more than 150 pictograms in 1 or 2 colors, explaining the elements of each experiment and the possible outputs. These pictograms were not designed solely as visual depictions of the words they define but as a way to stimulate the reader’s reasoning.

pictogrammes île des réunions Ultragramme
pictogrammes île des réunions
pictogrammes île des réunions
pictogrammes île des réunions


L’île des réunions was printed on a Riso press at Papier Machine in three colors : blue, violet and neon orange. Each page is covered in a light dither. All images were printing in 3 colors.


L’île des réunions is entirely written in Wigrum type from BAT foundry

4e de couverture île des réunions Ultragramme