Les commissaires anonymes

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Les Commissaires anonymes make it a point not to settle, and to organize projects and exhibitions across Europe.
We wanted to create a place for them, and thus conceived their website as a space for expression and work, for communication and display, for presentation and archive.
To match these curators full of energy and new ideas, the website evolves and builds itself according to current projects and moods.

site internet des commissaires anonymes

We conceived a large panel of tools (different body texts, colored blocks, modular layout grids) which allow the curators to appropriate the platform and update it as needed. They can therefore use it to announce events, share messages, but also classify files, and use it as a display for presentations during conferences.
The website is designed to work efficiently on all types of devices (computers, tablets and smartphones).

site internet des commissaires anonymes

In line with the work of Les Commissaires anonymes, we opted for an efficient design and a raw, energetic and generous aesthetic.

carte de visite des commissaires anonymes
cartes de visite des commissaires anonymes

Business cards are printed Offset with scratch-off ink.

cartes tampon les commissaires anonymes

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