Recours au poème éditeurs

Artistic direction for a digital books publisher in collaboration with Sophie Cure. English

Who said poetry could only be read on paper ? Surely not Matthieu Baumier or Gwen Garnier-Duguy, co-founders of the first publishing company of digital poetry books. With them, Ultragramme took up the challenge of bringing paper enthusiasts to screens, and thus extend the scope of poetry.

page accueil recours au poème éditeurs

The website

Upon arriving on the website Recours au poème éditeurs, the reader is immediately confronted with a quote from one of the books. This sentence, which randomly changes on each visit, offers a sensitive and spontaneous input in the ebooks content.

The website makes a reference to paper with a rendering reminding that of the spirit duplicator, with a slight vintage minitel aesthetic. The design we conceived is both raw and evocative of Internet’s beginnings, without compromising on simplicity or contemporary relevance.

Concerning the text, we confronted a functional and basic typography, close to a monospaced font (FF Basic Gothic) to another with more literary forms (Minion).

site recours au poème éditeurs

The ebooks

In collaboration with Sophie Cure, a graphic system was designed for each of the eight collections, allowing to identify them individually, while generating a strong and consistent visual ensemble.

Similarly, each collection is attributed a system of images which illustrate and give rhythm to the poems. These black and white illustrations have been conceived and produced especially for the e-reader, whose rendering of electronic ink offers a particular sensibility.

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