Demanding and exotic artistic direction of the online magazine dedicated to design theory. Français

Strabic.fr is an oblique magazine about design and artisanship. It was born in 2011 from a deep will: to strip design discourse from glitter, to discuss form and substance, what exists and what could be done, why and how it is being done, extravagance and excursions.
Reflecting this editorial guideline, the design of Strabic.fr is at once radical, fresh and humorous.

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"My luck is that I was born cross-eyed." Buckminster Fuller

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Welcoming hundreds of short-stories and articles, book reviews, resources and portraits, the site is designed to evolve with the subjects while remaining clear and legible. The choice of layout and typographical settings make for optimal playback on all types of screens.

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We create images for the articles or invite illustrators such as Vincent Broquaire, Marion Fayolle, Simon Roussin, Vincent Godeau, Clement Paurd etc. to ensure an iconographic quality.

illustration de Vincent Broquaire pour Strabic.fr
illustration de Marion Fayolle pour Strabic.fr
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Strabic.fr is a magazine which balances a variable geometry and shape memory. It is always in motion and constantly redefined. Talking about landscape, J. Brinckerhoff Jackson says that "it achieves its identity only in the course of existence. Only when it ceases to evolve can we say what it is".
Let’s hope that we are never able to say what Strabic.fr is!

visit the website strabic.fr

site Strabic.fr

visit the website strabic.fr

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