a musical and multiform book Français

“Curators, designers, authors, what to do when the future disappears? Our impotence was growing, as the complexity of this situation. The outcome that appeared was to sing against the confinement of words, bodies and senses. And the Opera to sing : "is art our ghetto?"”

The first part of Ghettopéra is a restitution of the opera libretto The disoriented Cabaret, written by Mathilde Sauzet, composed by Gabriel Mattei and initially lay out by Sophie Cure. It is presented in its original English version as well as in its French translation.

In the second part, the essay of Mathilde Sauzet Après la fatigue de la complexité (Beyond complexity fatigue) deals about the aimlessness and denial behaviors of complex mechanisms as well as the impoverishment of languages.

And as a pink final, twenty critical notes of the economist and author Anne-Sarah Huet are composing Le Jeu rudéral, a mathematical demonstration of the relationships between individual and community.


Ghettopéra was printed on a Riso press at Papier Machine in three colors : gold, violet and neon pink. Each page is covered in a light dither.


Ghettopéra is entirely written in Dia type from Schick Toikka foundry.